Oct 19

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So where were we? Ah yes, halfway through E2 experiment 1 and still looking for PROOF. I went to bed at the end of the first 24 hours bursting with gratitude for such a wonderful day filled with gifts and pleasures yet asking for more. Not in a bowl-in-hand, head-bowed Oliver kind of a way; in a ‘this is a really good game and I don’t want the fun to end and why ever should it?’ kind of a way. Asking for more is good, it really is, and you should never be afraid of it.

Sunday morning, 15 hours to go and the postman delivered a long, newsy letter from an elderly and treasured friend. Excellent. But not unexpected because she’s old school and was bound to reply to the birthday letter I wrote her ten days ago, so a delight but not a sign. Never satisfied am I? I bet you’re wondering if this is actually leading anywhere. So was I and, like me, you’ll just have to wait and see (or skip to the end if you must).

14 hours to go: coffee and conversation with a wonderful circle of friends: something to be very grateful for but also something that happens regularly. So you don’t get away with that one Field of Potential – not even a sniff of credit for you there!

Bryan Gif

12 hours to go and two of us, plus one generally disreputable Weimaraner, set off on a three hour linear walk from Brafferton to Darlington’s Rockwell nature reserve. Glorious sunshine, good – if partially unruly – company, unspoiled rural environment ….. all blessings but not signs I could hold up as the proof I was expecting (though I never once lost faith it would come). I confess though, that I began scouring the ground for four leaf clovers, (born of near-desperation and a childhood memory of an emergency squat behind a hedge yielding a perfect specimen), so desperate was I by now to give the universe any help I could.


Bryan (the dog) frantically dug in the dirt, driven on by deep breaths of obviously irresistible smells but produced nothing more than two craters which merited (but didn’t get) rambler-hazard warnings and NOT the rare truffles I was hoping for.

10 hours to deadline and by now I was indulging loudly in some firm words for the universe as we skirted some farm buildings when ……thump …… my foot hit something heavy and metallic. Now I can’t swear to having heard a voice saying impatiently “will THAT do?” nor would I begin to suggest that this thing was actually thrown my way, but the sight – and weight – of a heavy-equine-sized rusty horseshoe attached to my walking boot most definitely elicited a laughing “That’ll do!” from me.

And if I knew how to download the pictures from my phone, I’d show you the PROOF!

Horseshoe proof gif

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  1. Just started Experiment 1 and so far just a sweet text from darling daughter who is a true blessing in my life. But I need real proof too FP and am waiting! Sending you lots of blessings!


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