New Workshop Announced: A Christmas of Emotional Freedom – a pre-season workshop with Heather Carter

Sep 30

Take some time out for yourself before the crazy round of preparations for the festive season. Shopping, cooking and wrapping to do, parties to throw, parties to go to, kids’ excitement to contain, expectations to meet, work to pay for it all, houses to clean, guests to invite, all kinds of relationships to keep in balance, tensions to contend with...

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New Workshop Dates Added for September – December 2010

Sep 14

See here for details, email or tel: 07973 545 030 for further information and...

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8 out of 10 Women feel guilty after a shopping trip

Aug 07

You go to the shops to cheer yourself up. You see something you love but don’t need. You tell yourself you deserve a treat; you work hard enough for it. You convince yourself. You feel a little bit sick as you tap in your PIN – you know you’re always going to feel  guilty when you wear / use / eat / drink the evidence of your extravagance. ...

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