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Aug 05

Whilst I spent the day communing with nature and old friends in the glorious Wensleydale countryside  today, my good friend and mentor, Edward Palmer, (obviously a telephathic clairvoyant as well as life coach), was writing precisely what I had been thinking about for today’s post. So if you’re looking for meaningful change in your life and wondering...

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The simple formula for a happy and successful life

Aug 04

E + R = O I learned this simple and easily memorised formula a few years ago when I was delivering a motivational programme inspired by Jack Canfield and I’ve used it to take control of my life ever since. The workout wrecking team E = Event    This simply means what it says: the thing that’s happened. Take this morning. I decided to get back on...

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Which Way?

Aug 02

Isn’t it amazing what life-lessons you can be reminded of  just walking the dog? It seems to me that the waymarker on the left here is a metaphor for some people’s lives, my own included at times. Because it’s all very well to look out for signs and to rely on instinct and intuition  but, unless you have a clear idea where you’re going...

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