Oct 19

Missed day 1? Find it here So where were we? Ah yes, halfway through E2 experiment 1 and still looking for PROOF. I went to bed at the end of the first 24 hours bursting with gratitude for such a wonderful day filled with gifts and pleasures yet asking for more. Not in a bowl-in-hand, head-bowed Oliver kind of a way; in a ‘this is a really good game and I don’t...

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Fear of Heights overcome with EFT

Aug 16

Read Stephen Hunt’s experience of EFT tapping to overcome his fear of heights to complete a successful sky dive for charity. This article was published in the Weekend Times feature of Darlington & Stockton times on 1st July 2011. Steve Hunt meets a therapist who helps people overcome their worst fears. “MY BREAKDOWN was the best thing that ever...

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Get Beyond The Secret! Take a look at Joe Vitale's new Awakening course

Aug 08

If you were tantalised by the movie ‘The Secret’ but felt, like me, that it didn’t give enough information to really help you move confidently towards your life goals, you might be interested in something I’ve just discovered: Dr. Joe  Vitale  has produced a fantastic downloadable course that will take you a whole lot further in your...

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From Hairy Angel to Polished Performer – Susan Boyle make-over

Aug 07

Remember the dowdy, middle-aged spinster with the amazing voice that rocked the world in her Britain’s Got Talent audition? Well just look at her now!  View Susan Boyle make-over for Harpers Bazaar  The new make-over, for the US edition of Harper’s Bazaar magazine is the latest milestone on an amazing journey for the homely Scottish singer, Susan...

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