Oct 19

Missed day 1? Find it here So where were we? Ah yes, halfway through E2 experiment 1 and still looking for PROOF. I went to bed at the end of the first 24 hours bursting with gratitude for such a wonderful day filled with gifts and pleasures yet asking for more. Not in a bowl-in-hand, head-bowed Oliver kind of a way; in a ‘this is a really good game and I don’t...

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Happiness and a poorly car

Sep 18

  Clunk. Grind. Rattle. Bang. With those ominous noises my much loved and generally trusty little car let me know that all is not well in its world or, more specifically, in its inner workings. With the words “It’s your gearbox and clutch,” my trusty mechanic (and I do trust him) let me know that my hopeful theory that the problem was...

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The Expert Procrastinator

Sep 17

Recently I talked to the ladies of the entrepreneurial Aspire network about the prickly topic of procrastination, the bane of most people’s lives, both professionally and privately. The notes from the session (which was highly interactive) can be accessed on the Inspire Network home page here – and while you’re there, why not like / join the group?...

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Glamorous Charity Ball, Redworth Hall, 30th September 2011

Aug 23

How would you like an excuse to re-live your wedding day ( or get into practice for a forthcoming one)  and benefit three vital local charities at the same time? The Brides and Grooms Wedding Night has been organised by Latimer Hicks in support of Holistic Cancer Care, St. Teresa’s Hospice and Age UK (Darlington) on Friday 30th September at Redworth Hall. I...

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Holistic Health Fare, Darlington, 8th May 2011

Apr 22

Learn about Health, EFT and the Law of Attraction at my free talk on    the morning of 8th May 2011, at the Hall Garth Hotel, Darlington.  As well as attending my talk, you will have the opportunity to book a short taster session of EFT to help with an issue of your choice, as well as browsing the stands of other therapists, all in the delightful rural setting of...

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Confidence Building with EFT: new date for workshop just announced

Sep 30

 If you’ve ever felt that horrible shortness of breath and tight throat when you had to speak in public, or if you break out in a sweat at the prospect of drawing attention to yourself, or blush whenever a stranger looks at you, this workshop is for you.  In a safe, supportive and friendly environment you can learn to face your fears and access your inner power...

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