EFT Tapping for Cat Behaviour transforms owner’s experience

Nov 06

My thanks to Image Consultant Gillian Lewis for this account of how EFT helped her to deal with an animal behaviour problem that was causing her – and her cat family – untold anxiety. Over to Gillian.

Gillian Lewis, guest blogger and Image Consultant describes her experience of EFT for animal behaviour problems

Guest Blogger and Image Consultant Gillian Lewis

Cat Politics

Last week, Heather and I were reminiscing about how we first met, nearly 3 years ago when she came to practice EFT for pets on my cat Fergus.

I was near my wits end at that point.  Fergus, and his sister, Chloe, had been terrorised for 6 months by an unneutered tomcat who was prowling round the gardens in my area, barging into houses at the slightest opportunity to steal food, and spraying to mark territory.  Fergus and Chloe were intimidated by this tomcat and it had resulted in Fergus over grooming and licking all the fur on his thighs off.

I’d tried all sorts to relax Fergus: Feliway, Rescue Remedy and Valium – which turned him into Tigger, instead of a chilled out boy (but completely zonked out Chloe when she stole some of his food which had the tablets ground into it), as well as being their protector to chase away the tomcat, who was unceremoniously named Persona Non Grata, or PNG.

Scary Cat - PNG at his most intimidating

Scary cat, also known as PNG (persona non grata)


I found myself acting as lookout whenever the cats ventured out and, on more than one occasion, I chased down the garden with a bucket of water to soak PNG to try and deter him from coming anywhere near our garden.   This was an area where I was very conflicted as I love animals and would never willingly harm one, but he had turned my boisterous, young cats, who wanted to be friends with everyone, into terrified, timid beasts who jumped at their own shadow and licked themselves bald.

Then I saw an advert Heather had placed in the Petpals newsletter and, since I was willing to try anything, I made an appointment. Our session was booked for a snowy Saturday morning at the beginning of December 2010.  The snow had been lying for a week, and when I’d been trying to keep the driveway clear, I’d seen PNG several times.  No other cats had been out and about that week, it was far too cold, so my animal loving instincts had taken over, and I had been giving him some food.

Heather arrived for our session, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect so I sat with Fergus on my lap.  Heather explained about how EFT with pets worked, and that I was going to act on Fergus’ behalf to tap about the issue on myself, but I was to do it as though Fergus was describing the situation.  As we worked through the session, it became apparent to me how much of the issue was about me rather than Fergus and that I needed to take some action to resolve the issue.

Fergus the cat licking himself bald through fear of the feral PNG

Fergus anxiety-grooming himself bald

One of the immediate things that came out was that I was using negative language to describe this poor cat who had been living on his wits.  By the end of the session, he was no longer Persona Non Grata.  He was a cat who I wasn’t going to pretend was somebody else’s problem any more.

In the end, Pushkin, as he became known because of his thick blue/grey fur, turned up the week before Christmas and wouldn’t move from my front doorstep because it was so snowy.  He just sat there.  The snow and ice continued and I had to cancel plans to go away for Christmas, instead I started looking after him properly.  I gave him a plastic box, a hot water bottle, food and some carpet to cover it all up and he sat in his box virtually permanently for 10 days over Christmas and New Year being fed and heated 4 times a day.

One of the fears I had uncovered with Heather was about taking him to be checked for a microchip at the vet.  I’d tried to borrow a microchip reader but didn’t get anywhere with that, so I eventually took my life in my hands (he had bitten and scratched me on more than one occasion when he’d first turned up – and that was when I was being friendly to him) and got him into the cat basket.  I was as frightened of his reaction to going into the basket as I was that he might spray in the car, so everything was swathed in plastic.

He was as good as gold though, and behaved impeccably.  What we did find was that he had been shot with an air-rifle and some of the pellet was still lodged in his chin – that might have been why he would bite seemingly unprovoked.  He wasn’t micro-chipped so was booked in to be neutered and I prepared my garage with a dog cage for him to come home to.  In the meantime, I’d been in touch with Cats Protection and they were going to be able to take him into a foster home a few days afterwards so he lived in the garage for a week.

He was really the sweetest boy when he was in the garage, and I was very tempted to keep him, but I knew that he frightened Fergus and Chloe, so with a sad heart, I said goodbye to him.  However, the good news was that within a couple of days of being put up for adoption, Pushkin was rehomed to a couple in Stanley, and Fergus grew back his fur!

Two very relieved cats. Fergus and Chloe recover from their ordeal

Safe and content – a relieved Fergus and Chloe


My thanks to Gillian for this heartwarming story with a happy ending.

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