Fear of Heights overcome with EFT

Aug 16

Read Stephen Hunt’s experience of EFT tapping to overcome his fear of heights to complete a successful sky dive for charity. This article was published in the Weekend Times feature of Darlington & Stockton times on 1st July 2011. Steve Hunt meets a therapist who helps people overcome their worst fears. “MY BREAKDOWN was the best thing that ever...

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Holistic Health Fare, Darlington, 8th May 2011

Apr 22

Learn about Health, EFT and the Law of Attraction at my free talk on    the morning of 8th May 2011, at the Hall Garth Hotel, Darlington.  As well as attending my talk, you will have the opportunity to book a short taster session of EFT to help with an issue of your choice, as well as browsing the stands of other therapists, all in the delightful rural setting of...

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Confidence Building with EFT: new date for workshop just announced

Sep 30

 If you’ve ever felt that horrible shortness of breath and tight throat when you had to speak in public, or if you break out in a sweat at the prospect of drawing attention to yourself, or blush whenever a stranger looks at you, this workshop is for you.  In a safe, supportive and friendly environment you can learn to face your fears and access your inner power...

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Over-55s think their age prevents them making the most of life

Aug 06

A survey on behalf of Camelot, the UK’s national lottery operator, revealed that many over 55s believe their age prevents them from making the most of their lives and that more than half of all adult Britons feel too stressed to take on new challenges. What an unnecessary waste of time, talent, creativity – and opportunities. It’s a trap...

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self-help mantras leave you unhappier than before

Jul 27

…. and repeating negative statments about yourself could actually have a beneficial effect. So said a recent Canadian study into the effects of self help books. Do I agree? Well, yes, and that’s precisely why I favour Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – a system of tapping on the energy system to release blocked emotions – over the better...

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