RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS – share them here

Oct 16

RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS – share them here

I have made a new resolution for my own happiness. I plan to carry out at least two random acts of kindness every week as a minimum – preferably one every day. Yesterday I bought a bunch of flowers for a lovely elderly lady who doesn’t know me from Adam but has spoken to me a couple of times when I’ve been out with the dog. Yesterday we talked about the glorious weather and whether it would last before I strode on full of health and vigour and she continued slowly and carefully, with the hint of a limp but a sweet expression of acceptance and happiness on her face.

I found her inspirational and the thought came to me that I would love to buy her a gift to say thank you. I figured she was on her way to the local shop and sure enough, as I picked my way through the flower display, she hobbled in. I couldn’t make up my mind whether to buy them and give them to her in the shop  (but then I would have had to give her the receipt to prove she hadn’t shop-lifted them), leave them at the counter (but then I would have had to give a description, risk them giving them to the wrong person, and involve a lot of unnecessary other people) or wait outside the shop.

In the end, I waited round the corner in the sunshine and ambushed her on her way home! I just hope I didn’t traumatise her too much. At first she thought I was just showing her the flowers and it took her a little while to realise I wanted her to have them. I said it was because I wanted to help the lovely day last a little longer and because she seemed like someone who deserved a bunch of flowers – then legged it with the dog and just hoped I hadn’t been patronising.

And I’m telling you this because……? Not because I want you to think I’m a wonderful person but because it was such fun and I got such a lot out of it and I want to hear about the things other people have done in the same vein. You see, I’m convinced the world is a great place and it can be even better if we all start noticing others a bit more and showing our appreciation. It’s win:win. You make someone else feel good (hopefully, once they’ve got over the shock and the suspicion) but, above all, you make yourself feel wonderful.

So what random act of kindness have you done / do you plan to do? Share it here please xxx