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Heather Carter is an EFT practitioner, motivational trainer and mum

A personal note from Heather

EFT has transformed my own life and it’s a wonderful privilege to be able to pass on such a simple yet powerful tool to others. I have personal and professional experience of the way toxic relationships, (often between the most well-meaning of parents, partners, children and siblings), can inhibit personal growth, limit success and close the door to  abundance.  

With emotional freedom comes freedom from pain, tiredness, depression, binge eating, obsessive behaviours and that wearisome hamster-wheel of negative self-talk that keeps you firmly in your place.

EFT empowers you to transform your journey through life from trudging through sticky black treacle to walking on air.

With EFT you will affirm your own energy, rediscover joy and laughter and learn to trust yourself.  Truly, you can achieve anything you really want to achieve.

When you feel ready, please email me to arrange an initial chat, in confidence and, of course, without obligation.