Only 48 hours to go!

Sep 01

Don’t miss this last chance to join the Tapping Insider’s Club as a charter member, at a price that’s between 33% and 47% off the regular membership price (which kicks in within the next 48 hours).

Join now and you’ll keep the advantage of your low priced membership for as long as you stay with the club. And, best of all, you’ll have access to a huge resource including many of the best known EFT masters, and you’ll be a foundational member of a great community of people who want to further their own and other people’s well-being through energy therapies.

Just in case you are unsure what is meant by charter membership, I’m copying here an email I’ve been reading from Nick Ortner, the creator of the documentary film Try It On Everything and the founder of the Tapping Insiders Club. Here it is:

Dear Friend,

A little over 20 years ago, in the town of Brookfield, CT
where I grew up, they were opening a new YMCA. I remember
walking around the facility with my parents and brother and

The building was still under construction but it was still
so exciting to walk around. The facility was going to have
a large gymnasium, racquetball courts, an indoor track, and
two fantastic pools.

As a kid this was all extremely exciting to me! I had never
had a place like this to go to before, where there would be
so much to do and other kids for me hang out with.

Seeing the excitement from us kids, my parents decided to
join. That YMCA was practically a second home for our family
for years. We went swimming there at least twice a week, we
took Karate classes there as a family, and we were constantly
going there just to play in the big gym (which was like
paradise for me as a kid).

I went to the YMCA as a kid, I continued going as a teenager
and even when I was in college I would go there to work out
when I was home from school.

And even today over 20 years later, even though I don’t live
in Brookfield, CT anymore, I still have a membership there.

I’m still a member because we signed up at the ridiculously
low charter membership prices. The family pack that my parents
signed up for back then and that my parents still pay for now
is cheaper than if they signed up for just one person right now!

The YMCA was offering really low prices because they wanted
more funding for the completion of the facility and they
wanted to be sure that they filled the place up right from
the start with a strong community.

That’s where I got the idea to set really low prices for the
opening of the Tapping Insiders Club. For me it was more
important to build a great resource and a great community
right away then to sell memberships for as much as we could.

Charter members are a part of the team that helps to create
this club. Because of charter members we’ll be able to put
together more great resources that will help not only the
charter members but future members who join.

We already have so many ideas that we’re working on putting
together and they’re all going to be possible because of
charter members.

Charter membership prices start off at 33% lower than the
regular price and go up to as much as 47% off for those that
join for a year. The best part is that those that join now
get to stay at the low prices that they join at, just like
we did when we joined the YMCA.

Those that join on the month to month get to stay at
$19.95/month. Those that join for 6 months get to stay at
$17.33/month and those that join for a year get to stay
at $15.75 a month.

Click here to join now

When I visit my local YMCA today there is still a plaque on
the wall with the names of all of the charter members on it
and every one of my family members is listed on it.

And when we use the YMCA now we get to use all of the
amazing new stuff like the top of the line exercise room,
the sauna and steam rooms and much more and we still only
pay the ridiculously low family price that we started off
at over 20 years ago.

We always keep that charter membership because we know that
we could never get those low prices again. If we left and
tried to come back we’d have to pay 5 times as much!

So thank you to all of you that have already joined the
Tapping Insiders Club as charter members. You are helping
to make this an amazing place. Maybe we’ll have to figure
out a way to show your contribution like the “plaque on
the wall” at the YMCA. 🙂

If you haven’t joined yet please remember that there are
only two days left to join and then the charter membership
prices are gone. There is always only one opportunity to
join at charter membership prices.

I’m glad we joined our local YMCA years ago and I hope you
get to have the same experience and receive a huge amount of
value with the Tapping Insiders Club.

Less than 48 hours left to join.

Keep tapping,

Nick Ortner

P.S. – If you’ve had any issue in signing up because of all
of the traffic please email us and let us know. A few people
have been concerned that they would miss out on the low prices
but I can promise you that if you contact us we’ll make sure
you get to join.

P.P.S – Again, a huge thank you to all that have joined
already. The response has been amazing and all of your heart
felt emails have been greatly appreciated. I’m glad you’re
all enjoying the club already!

I can promise you that the Tapping Insiders Club will give you access to the Giants of EFT and related energy therapies. Why not take a trip to the website for more information? But don’t waste a second if you want to take advantage of that brilliant Charter Membership deal.

Happy Tapping,