EFT inspiration with the masters

Nov 01

Manchester was magic! A truly inspiring event and the highlight of the EFT year. Tapas Fleming was pure joy and her TAT session created surprises, laughter and a sense of wonderment.

During the conference, I had the privilege of taking part in demonstrations with both Gwyneth Moss and Tania Prince.

With Gwyneth, I worked on surrogate tapping for my dog Bryan’s unfortunate habit of mugging people for food. I’m still trying to devise a solid test for the outcome as we haven’t come across any picnickers since, although he DID leave a fisherman alone (which is a first) and he’s been a much happier, more relaxed and more contented dog.

With Tania, I accessed an ancestral memory from five generations ago – one which I believe has affected my personal confidence and self esteem for most of my life. It was a fascinating insight for me and gave me a real sense of connection with previous generations of my mother’s side of the family (from which I had felt very detached). Tania has developed an approach which she calls Deep State Re-patterning, which feels very safe and puts the client totally in control of the emotional intensity of any issues that arise. After the session I have tried (without success) to find out more about my mother’s side of the family but, regardless, I have felt many positive changes in myself since, and am grateful to Tania for selecting me as a participant.

I also enjoyed workshop sessions with Robert Smith (faster EFT) and EFT master Judy Byrne whose full day workshop on trauma was both enlightening and inspirational, giving me many ideas I will be using in my future practice.

Next year’s EFT masterclass is in London on the weekend of 20/10/2010 – an auspicious date!