Family, Gratitude and the Law of Attraction

Jan 17

Family, Gratitude and the Law of Attraction

Twenty seven years ago today I held my first child in my arms for the first time and I can still feel the magic of gazing into those amazing eyes. They seemed so full of ancient knowledge and wisdom; I was awestruck by the miracle of being entrusted with the care of this tiny being, who already seemed more complete, more knowing, than I would ever be. What can you use instead of a cliche when the cliche is accurate?

It was, it really was, love at first sight.

 Today I am overflowing with gratitude that I have been blessed with two wonderful daughters, who enrich my life, who are endlessly interesting, enlightening and amusing. I have so much to learn from them and they amaze me almost daily with their insights and intelligence, with knowledge and understanding that they certainly didn’t get from me or their father!

I am so grateful that my daughters choose to remain in my life, that they choose to include me, that they choose to share so many of their experiences, and I never, ever take that for granted. Parents do not have rights over their children, most definitely don’t own them. It was my husband who taught me that a parent’s job is to prepare and equip their child to go out into the world, to be strong and independent, and that the job done to the best of your ability, mistakes and all, is reward enough.

Expect nothing back, but bring feelings of  joyful gratitude into your consciousness for every shared moment and you will experience more pleasure, more delight, more connection with your adult children than ever you could have imagined. With every attitude of gratitude you consciously manifest, you are attracting more and more of that good feeling into this and every other area of your life. It is a universal law.

Trust it and enjoy!