8 out of 10 Women feel guilty after a shopping trip

Aug 07

You go to the shops to cheer yourself up.

You see something you love but don’t need.

You tell yourself you deserve a treat; you work hard enough for it.

You convince yourself.

You feel a little bit sick as you tap in your PIN – you know you’re always going to feel  guilty when you wear / use / eat / drink the evidence of your extravagance.  There’s a recession on after all. You’re on a tight budget.

And now you’re thinking “I really shouldn’t have done it.”

By the time you get the offending article home, all you want to do is hide it, in its bag, complete with receipt in case you decide to take it back, which you probably won’t.

THEN you punish yourself some more by feeling even more guilty, and now you’ll probably never use / wear it because all the pleasure’s gone and you’re sick of making excuses …… you can put your own spin on it, but you’ve been here, I know you have!


OK. Let’s take this apart and think about where we could apply some EFT. You could use it to:


  • Deal with the emotional cause of the shopping spree so that you no longer feel the urge to buy something just to make yourself feel better. YOU can make yourself better in a way a new handbag never could.

What specific event has made you need to comfort yourself this way?

Tap on it.

And if you don’t know what’s made you need to do this, tap on the not knowing until something comes to mind, then tap on that.


  • Remove the guilt.

You’ve bought it, you intend to keep it.

So get on and replace the guilt with pleasure in your purchase and pride in wearing / displaying / using it.

Tap on the guilt, take the charge out of it.

Find out where the guilt’s coming from and collapse the feeling.

Tap on how good the purchase will make you feel / look and how that will benefit you and those who care about you.

Tap on the fact that value is about much more than a bottom line cost.


  • When the emergency’s over start thinking about your self esteem.

Why don’t you think you’re worth it? Why do you need to put yourself last? Why can you treat yourself only if you wear a hair shirt underneath the glamorous new frock?

Make a list.

Tap on everything that comes up for you, one by one.

As you collapse all the underlying negative emotions you’ll find yourself needing less in the way of extravagant comforters but also increasing your enjoyment of the purchases you DO decide to make. (And those will be bright, shiny genuine CHOICES, not underhand guilt-ridden, grubby transactions).

 Finally address your attitude to money.

“I can’t afford it, but ……”  

“I really shouldn’t, but ………. ”  

“I’ll never be able to afford what I’d really like …..”  

” I can’t justify the expense ….”  

” I don’t really deserve it.”  

Can you hear the Law of Attraction at work here? Using self-talk like that is telling your subconscious mind that you don’t want to be able to afford this stuff. Truly.

The subconscious mind is unbelievably powerful and creative. It’s permanently alert to draw to you whatever you want. Its only desire is to serve you.

But it’s also a bit dumb. It doesn’t uderstand negatives. It doesn’t understand NOT wanting something. It will bring you whatever you give your attention to. So the deeper problem here is your belief that you don’t have abundance (and will never have it).

Make a list of your thoughts and attitudes about money. Find a way to rephrase everynegative opinion into a positive statement, then tap your way from the negative to the positive until you really feel, in your very being, that everything you want and need is available to you.

Follow this four-stage process and you’ll find your retail therapy needs will diminish, your pleasure in any purchases you DO make will increase,  your self-esteem  will improve and even your finances could take a turn for the better! Just be persistent.


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