Which Way?

Aug 02


Isn’t it amazing what life-lessons you can be reminded of  just walking the dog?

It seems to me that the waymarker on the left here is a metaphor for some people’s lives, my own included at times. Because it’s all very well to look out for signs and to rely on instinct and intuition  but, unless you have a clear idea where you’re going and the route you plan to take to get there, you could very well end up confused, lost or going round in ever decreasing circles no matter how many signposts there are along the way. (Why do male drivers spring to mind here?)

There’s a reason why that old saying, ‘if you fail to plan, you plan to fail’ has become a cliche: it’s absolutely true! Let’s face it, if you’d set out on THIS walk with me without either knowing the territory already or having a map to hand, with a precise knowledge of your starting point and intended destination, who knows where you’d end up. What’s certain is that this signpost would have been no use to you at all.

There was a time when I didn’t set goals, just went with the flow of life, and wondered why the harder I worked (busy, busy) the less I seemed to achieve. It wasn’t until I asked myself just what it was I was doing it all for, precisely what did I want to achieve, and WHY, and if I wanted it that much, what steps was I intending to take each day to move towards it, that I started to make things happen in my life.

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