The simple formula for a happy and successful life

Aug 04

E + R = O

I learned this simple and easily memorised formula a few years ago when I was delivering a motivational programme inspired by Jack Canfield and I’ve used it to take control of my life ever since.

The workout wrecking team The workout wrecking team

E = Event  

 This simply means what it says: the thing that’s happened. Take this morning. I decided to get back on track with my fitness programme. I was up early, had the house to myself, switched on the DVD and got pumping iron – well, moving roughly in time to the music and a few steps behind the presenter, but you get the gist.  Then my husband came back from walking the dog and needed a hand to take out the recycling…….Back on the programme, the dog discovered I was playing an exciting new game and decided it was for his benefit. It’s pretty difficult to do side steps, kick backs, crunches and lunges with a large dog weaving in and out of your legs like it’s time for agility practice so I gave up before one of us broke a leg and switched to the cool-down.

If you’ve ever tried to watch an instructional dvd whilst lying prone on the floor with a cat sitting on your head and a dog standing directly in front of the screen you’ll be right in the moment with me here. It wasn’t the most effective workout I’ve ever done. Or the longest. 

R = Response 

Here’s where I had a few choices. I could have told my husband to get on with the rubbish removal himself. I could have helped with bad grace and a spoonful of resentment for the interruption. I could have switched into bitter and twisted, no time for myself mode and stopped trying right then.

I could have got cross with the dog and packed him off to his basket, tail between his legs. I could have kicked the cat. I could have decided the workout was a bad idea anyway, or that the universe was conspiring against my ever getting fit and it was doomed from the beginning.

Or I could have seen the funny side.

O = Outcome

 You guessed it – I saw the funny side. In fact I laughed so much I swear my stomach’s flatter already and I must have released at least as many endorphins as a  proper workout would have achieved. I feel great and I’m primed for a second session (without pets) later on.  Had I made those other choices, what kind of a day do you think I’d be having now? 

Event + Response = Outcome

OK, I’ve given you a light-hearted illustration of its power but you can apply the formula to any and every situation from being stuck in traffic to losing your job. You might not be able to control events but you CAN control your response. You ALWAYS have a choice, and the choices you make create your life.

Have a great day