The Expert Procrastinator

Sep 17

Recently I talked to the ladies of the entrepreneurial Aspire network about the prickly topic of procrastination, the bane of most people’s lives, both professionally and privately.

The notes from the session (which was highly interactive) can be accessed on the Inspire Network home page here – and while you’re there, why not like / join the group? You have the option of free or paid membership and it’s a truly supporting and inspiring collection of female entrepreneurs. There are free, child-friendly monthly meetings in a wide variety of locations in the north east.

Please let me know if you find the notes helpful because I’m in the process of writing a  book of advice and  self-help exercises designed to turn p*ssed off procrastinators into proud and productive procrastinators. (Yes, you can procrastinate and achieve your goals – it’s just a question of picking your battles). Watch this space!