self-help mantras leave you unhappier than before

Jul 27

…. and repeating negative statments about yourself could actually have a beneficial effect. So said a recent Canadian study into the effects of self help books. Do I agree? Well, yes, and that’s precisely why I favour Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – a system of tapping on the energy system to release blocked emotions – over the better known Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) which recommends the repetition of positive affirmations to build confidence and self esteem.

In EFT we call the negative effect of a positive affirmation the ‘tail-ender’. It’s what comes into your head, almost unnoticed, in the second you repeat your affirmation. So, if I look in the mirror and say to myself “I am confident and successful”, the tail-ender might be something like “Who am I kidding?” And the effect of that is to re-affirm my lack of confidence.

The EFT set-up statement, on the other hand, acknowledges the negative feeling, allows you to home in on it, really feel it in the moment – and then release it. The great joy of EFT is that you can learn the basics for free. Go to to get your free manual (without any upsell, down sell or any other kind of sell)! I believe that EFT is a great gift to the world and its founder, Gary Craig, is one of my heroes, so please go along to the site and find out more.

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Be well, be happy, look for the abundance in your life.

Heather x