Life begins at ……any age

Mar 29

I’m not ashamed to admit I hit sixty a couple of weeks ago but, even with the wisdom of my years, 12 months ago I couldn’t have predicted  just how different, new and exciting my life would be now.

I seem to have stepped into my power. I found the courage to take a leap into the dark without a safety net. And life just couldn’t be better, richer or more fulfilling. Better still, I know with complete certainty that the best is yet to come.

So how did I achieve this miracle of hope over experience?

With the aid of EFT, I consciously upgraded  my old background programme of loss, lack, deficit and defeat into the  shiniest, slickest, sunniest software on the market:


Admittedly it’s taken me years to get the programme to run – I understood it intellectually, but my personal operating system couldn’t synchronise with it. I could chant the right words, but I couldn’t feel the reality in my bones. Fear was stronger in me than love. I didn’t know how to trust. And, above all, I thought I had to WORK at it – and FOR it.

Eventually I found the other piece of the puzzle, the essential programme that needs to run alongside Limitless Abundance to make the whole system run seamlessly and automatically. That vital, single word system command is


When an attitude of gratitude is your default setting, everything else falls into place. The universe gives you more and more of  what you focus on, and if you focus on how great life is – how rich, generous, joyful and abundant it is – then each day brings you more and more of the same or better.

My gratitude that I am now in a position to concentrate all of my energies on healing, health and happiness through EFT knows no bounds. I’m grateful to all those people who have come to me for help – because I value and appreciate your trust and I learn vital lessons from every one of you. I’m grateful for the difficulties and trials that have come my way in life because they have given me the lessons I’ve needed to find my life’s purpose and to begin to fulfil it with passion and deeply felt pleasure to be of service.

It’s never too late to find your life’s purpose or set out on a compltely new adventure. Set out your intent, use EFT to deal with any lingering doubts or fears then start to notice, and act upon, all the opportunties that will miraculously appear. And, above all, have FUN!