How to harness the Law of Attraction with a fast-forward diary

May 21

How to harness the Law of Attraction with a fast-forward diary

I have always kept a daily journal to record events in my life, and to ruminate on life in general. It’s a really useful way to download the day and its lessons. It also comes in very handy for the (grown up) kids. If they need to remember a date, and they happened to have mentioned it to me over the phone, they can be pretty sure I’ll be able to backtrack through the diary and find it. I even drop little messages in there, just in case they should ever read them long after I’m gone!

However, dedicated as I am to bringing the power of the Law of Attraction into my life in the most positive ways possible, I’ve begun a new journal, which I call my Fast Forward diary. It is, in fact, a normal diary, dated for the current year but, instead of recording what’s just happened, I write the account of what I would like to happen as if it already has.

Looking back to the future

Write your own future in pen and ink - picture of a fountain pen

Write your own future and attract success

So, if I have something specific planned for a day, a week, a month –  or however far ahead – I write about how interesting and inspiring the speaker was, about the amazing people I met and how much synchronicity there was. I write how positive, strong and confident I felt, how at home amongst all these amazing and successful people, and how happy and fulfilled I feel looking back on it now. I literally look back to the future. Even on days when I’m not aware (now) of  having anything planned (then), I write about how good life is, what fun, how fulfilling and how grateful I feel for all the abundance I am experiencing. I write about the success of my ebook, the way I’m spending my leisure time, the advanced holiday plans (that in reality I haven’t yet even thought of). I live the life of a healthy, wealthy, successful, happy, joyful and well-loved person on every page of my fast forward diary.

Can you imagine how good it makes me feel to have so much positive experience every day of my life?

If you decide to adopt this idea, don’t think of it your fast forward diary as a prediction tool. Don’t compare day for day and feel things aren’t working if it doesn’t match up. That isn’t the point. The point is that your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between what you have lived through and what you have imagined and as long as you are feeding it with positivity and success, that’s the vibrational level you will be living at – and those are the vibrations that will flow into your life – positivity and success.

I’m prepared to guarantee that, if you keep it up and then, maybe a year or so later, read your regular daily journal, it will have started to reflect your imaginary one – full of personal success, achievement, happiness and joy. Remember the golden rule of the Law of Attraction: you get what you focus on. I invite you to give it a try and see how it transforms your life..

Wall/Sky photo courtesy of  Danillo Rizzuti / Free Digital photos; Pen picture courtesy of  idea go / Free digital photos