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Jul 22

I’ve spent many years looking for new and exciting ways to live the creative and fulfilling life I want whilst supporting the financial needs of my family. The trap I’ve usually fallen into is becoming a workaholic – giving way over the odds to the job in terms of time and effort, which meant giving less and less of myself to the people I was doing it for in the first place: my family and friends.

Moving into teaching and healing has certainly given me more personal satisfaction but, because I wanted the flexibility to put more back, I also wanted to provide myself with both a platform for good and a reliable background income stream to facilitate the lifestyle I dreamed of. So I began to research the opportunities offered by the internet. A very scary prospect for a not-very-techy-woman-of-a-certain-age!

It’s been quite a costly exercise – everywhere you turn there’s some unmissable offer that will make everything clear and I’ve been there, credit card in hand, to invest money and an awful lot of time in these products that somehow leave you with more questions and less confidence than you started out with, so I’m thankful to have finally found one that does what it says on the tin – and you can get the CD for FREE. You can nip over to the website and see for yourself now, by following the link, below, or read my review of it first.

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This is a complete step-by-simple-step training course from internet heavyweights Omar Martin and Mike Filsaime. It’s incredibly accessible, using video to create a real sense of one-to-one teaching that gives you huge confidence and teaches you how to set up a web based business from the ground up without a huge financial investment .

The course is both physical and web based. The physical portion is provided free as long as you cover the shipping and handling charge, which is more than reasonable.

The course is made up of 10 training modules plus a vast array of extras. Most of the lessons are delivered by Omar who has such a down-to-earth and clear approach that you can’t help but like him and you really do feel that you’re on your way to achieving everything he’s showing you. It’s classroom-style teaching but so much less formal that school or college and I loved the sense that I was really learning something new – and he makes no assumptions of prior knowledge, so you never feel like the classroom numpty! He follows up everything he teaches you with step by step screen capture videos so you can learn how to actually APPLY what you’ve learned in the classrooms.

The modules cover everything from the very basics of how internet selling works, to affiliate marketing, traffic, search engines, merchant accounts and pretty much everything you need to know in order to have a solid foundation. Don’t worry if that sounds daunting – none of those terms meant anything to me a short time ago, now they’re everyday language.

Once you’ve grasped the basics in the CD-Rom, the course moves on to help you build your own business. This is very detailed and you’ll learn everything from registering domains, hosting, html editing, wordpress blogs, graphics, squeeze pages, video, audio, sales pages, copy writing, product creation, marketing strategy, membership sites and much more than I have space to mention here.

I’m so glad this wasn’t some out dated course where the links don’t even work anymore. This is really cutting edge stuff. There’s even a section about YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and the whole social media phenomenon.

Just so you don’t get bored with Omar (as if!) there are even some guest instructors who add some pretty valuable content. The course offers something like 100 videos in all , along with text content and a whole range of resources.

As I’ve mentioned, the course is called Internet Selling For Newbies, but once you get past the first module I promise you, you don’t feel remotely like a newbie anymore! In all honesty, this one gets 2 thumbs up from me and I hope it’s still free when you read this so you can click over to the website and grab yourself a copy:

I can’t recommend Internet Selling for Newbies highly enough. Don’t miss it!

Get Internet Selling For Newbies now… Click here!

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