Happiness and a poorly car

Sep 18

What's the point of looking on the gloomy side?

Misery or joy – it’s always a matter of choice


Clunk. Grind. Rattle. Bang.

With those ominous noises my much loved and generally trusty little car let me know that all is not well in its world or, more specifically, in its inner workings.

With the words “It’s your gearbox and clutch,” my trusty mechanic (and I do trust him) let me know that my hopeful theory that the problem was ‘just a spring’ was fantasy, not fact. And a good grand’s worth of finance to fix. Plus a week without my own wheels.


So, am I sitting here sobbing? Cursing? Worrying about the money?

I’d be a pretty poor life coach if I were, don’t you think?


I’ve been busy re-framing and finding things to be grateful for. Such as:

  • How lucky that the car gave up the ghost while I was in my home locale and able to limp home in relative safety.
  • How grateful I am that my husband was willing and able to drive it to the garage for me, thus allowing me to wimp out of what turned out to be a pretty hairy drive! (I would have found the confidence if I’d had to but, hey, I didn’t have to)!
  • How fortunate that I had worked particularly hard and been focused on saving enough cash to finance a relaxed summer off and to top up my rainy day coffer.
  • How lucky I am to own a car in the first place – and one which has served me well – and soon will continue to do so.
  • How nice it is to have a relationship with a garage I trust, where I know I will receive good service, a quality job and a fair price.
  • What a privilege it is to be self employed, working when and with whom I want, minimising the inconvenience of being without the car.
  • How well technology serves me, allowing me to see clients over Skype so that I can continue to provide the service they need from the comfort of my own home.

I think you get the picture!

There is so much in life for which to be grateful and you can find something to be thankful for in any situation. Such purposefully positive thinking resonates with hope and places you in the path of abundance where the possibilities are unlimited and joyfulness abounds.

So, next time something ‘bad’, or frustrating, or irritating, or inconvenient happens in your life, see it for what it truly is: a reminder from the universe that it’s time to add to your gratitude list.