Oct 18

Ink picture at Dawn's resizedAs an energy therapist (mostly using Emotional Freedom Technique) there is no room for doubt in my mind that we are all connected and that our power to create our own lives is limited only by the belief systems programmed into our ego minds. So when I came across Pam Grout’s best-selling book E2  with its “9 do-it-yourself energy experiments that prove your thoughts create your reality” you won’t be remotely surprised to learn that I was up for the challenge much like a puppy begging for a bouncy new ball to be thrown in the park. “Me, me, me! I can do that! Throw it and I’ll show you! As far and as high as you like! Rufff!”

Experiment 1 is essentially a challenge to this unendingly abundant universe – the Field of Potential or FP as Pam calls it – to prove not only that it’s listening but also that it’s answering. So, as instructed, I gave the FP the requisite 48 hours to give me a blessing of its choice. (We progress to more specific manifesting as we move through the experiments but, for now, all we’re looking for is some kind of sign that we’re being heard). I put out my order at 12.30am on Friday 26th September 2013. With a deadline of just after midnight on Saturday night / Sunday morning, I wasn’t cutting the universe a lot of slack but I woke next morning bright eyed and bushy tailed (not at all my usual morning self) feeling energised and excited.

‘Maybe this is my blessing?’ I wondered. ‘It certainly feels good. Good, yes but not good enough. There must be something more tangible.’

That afternoon I made a duty phone call, which was interrupted just a few minutes in by a work related call to my mobile that I really had to take. To have a legitimate excuse to end the call was a blessing. And that the welcome interruption was from someone I had been unable to get hold of for weeks (maybe I was their duty call?) seemed like a double bonus – but was it THE sign?

Good job universe – but not good enough. After all, I had already put the wheels in motion through emails and texts. Can do better!

full picture (800x600)Friday night: art night with my friend Dawn. Now I love to get down and dirty with the charcoal and pastels but I’m always critical of the results. I thought I’d do something different tonight and play around with coloured inks and unconditional kindness – leaving my critical parent at the door. That was pretty tough but I did actually produce something I liked (as well as liking bits of another piece of work). Awesome! So, was that the sign? Being able to put criticism to one side, getting lost in the creative process and appreciating the expression of form for its own sake? Really?

What do YOU think?


But not good enough! After all, universe, you didn’t do that – I did – and you have twenty four hours left to give me a totally surprising and delightful sign out the blue. I’m looking forward to it!

Continued tomorrow …… meanwhile you can find the E2 Experimenters’ Facebook group here


  1. How cool that you’re doing this. I just posted your other post on my fan page and tweeted it out.

    Thanks, Heather. I have a good friend in California named Heather Carter.




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