Are you using your willpower to stay stuck?

Sep 05

One of my most life-changing moments came when it hit me, right between the eyes, how much of my energy I was using to stay in a job which was as wrong for me as I was for it. It took every ounce of strength and resolve I could dredge up to get myself out of bed every morning and off to work.

Because I hated the job so much I felt I had to work doubly hard at it. I felt guilty that I might be holding something back because I was a square peg in a round hole – so I made even more effort, put even more time in, took work home, never stopped thinking about work, continually felt not good enough. I was drained, inefficient (and the harder I tried, the more inefficient I became), and making myself ill with stress and anxiety.

Then it hit me. If I put this same huge effort into finding and doing something I loved and felt passionate about what kind of amazing results would I get? I’d always been too tired, too weary and careworn, too busy to give time and attention to myself, to my own needs and the things I truly felt drawn to because I had responsibilities. I had bills to pay, a family to care for and the job took everything I had, swallowed me up like a great black hole and spit me out again without me making the slightest impression on it.

Awareness is a powerful thing. I wrote down my new mantra:

“I am now using my motivation, determination and persistence to achieve the things I want in my life, NOT to stick at the things I DON’T want; these I let go freely and with a glad heart, knowing that they have made room for the things I love. Anything is possible.”

I printed it out and stuck it to the front of my diary, next to my computer screen, on my bedroom wall and on the mirror. It’s still there and, even now, whenever I see it, I repeat the words aloud whilst I tap a quick round of EFT.

I don’t work anything like so hard these days, because I’m doing something I love and, because I’m doing what I love, I have energy to spare – to do more of the things I love in life! And all because I changed the focus of the energy I was expending anyway – the difference is that, now, it recharges me instead of draining me.

No matter how difficult things may seem, no matter how trapped by circumstances you may feel you do, always, always have a choice. It’s just that you can get so busy being busy that you don’t see clearly any more. Change begins with a thought, which becomes a statement of intent, grows into a belief and finally becomes your new reality. Try it – one small step at a time.