Forget diets! Forget willpower! Forget forbidden foods!

Sep 20

Weight Management Workshop on Sunday 10th October 2010 at The Healing Shack, Middlesbrough 10am – 4pm Only £35

This one-day workshop will change your approach to managing your weight forever. Heather’s practical and transformational approach uses Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and other simple strategies for:

  • self acceptance
  • overcoming compulsive and emotional eating
  • identifying and neutralising over-eating triggers
  • understanding how and why we self sabotage and end up on the Yo-yo dieting treadmill
  • setting realistic and achievable goals for weight loss or gain
  • learning how to zap cravings and love yourself NOW (not when you have lost / gained half a stone, toned up your abs or had the bum lift)!

Be sure to bring along the food/s, confectionary or drink that you crave the most or are most inclined to binge on. It’s a great way to test the effect of EFT and let you see what it’s like to feel effortlessly in control. This is a day that will show you how to change your relationship with food – and yourself.  Invest just £35 in yourself now and you could save a fortune in the future on diet foods and slimming club subscriptions you no longer need!

Call Heather on 01325 351318 / 07973 545 030 or email: or book on-line