Emotional Freedom for your Pets

Sep 12

After attending a brilliant workshop with Gwyneth Moss and Heather Smiles in Ilkley last weekend, Heather is looking for some volunteer pet owners who would like her to work on their pets for free, in exchange for their permission to write up case histories and to publish any testimonials.

Some amazing results have been achieved with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to improve the well-being of both pets and their owners – proof of the powerful bond which usually exists between them. Heather is happy to work on any problem your pet might have, from anxiety, bad behaviour, being unsettled, chronic illnesses, pain, allergies etc.

The technique is simple, gentle and painless and, amazingly, is not used on the pet itself but with the owner or a close friend, or even surrogately by providing Heather with a photograph of the pet and a description of its problems. To volunteer your pet for this treatment pilot, please call Heather on 07973 545 030.  Please note, this treatment is not a medical intervention and should not be used in place of vetinary attention. However, it is perfectly safe to use alongside other treaments.

Email: heather@readyforchangenow.co.uk or phone: 07974 545 030

Emotional Freedom for dogs by Heather Carter, Ready for change now

Heather's Weimaraner, Bryan - a picture of health and happiness