EFT for Tooth Sensitivity

May 18

Sensitive teeth? Tap the pain away with EFT

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – or ‘tapping’ as many people know it – is the first thing I think of when a friend or a colleague or a client has a problem, yet I so often forget to use it on myself. Maybe I just like to suffer? 

Take a problem I’d been having recently with tooth sensitivity. I’d started to dread brushing my teeth because of that horrible feeling of the cold and the toothpaste setting off the nerve. Despite two trips to the dentist to have the teeth coated with some magic sealing substance, nothing had changed – until I remembered to apply my own techniques to myself! 

If you’re new to EFT you can see me demonstrating the basic EFT tapping technique here and then come back and follow this very simple procedure for tooth sensitivity. 

Set up statement x 3: Even though my teeth are so sensitive when I start to brush them, I deeply and completely love and accept myself 

Followed by a shortcut statement: This tooth sensitivity at all of the tapping points – inside of the eyebrow, outside of the eye, under the eye, under the nose, on the chin, collar bone, under the arm, side of the thumb, side of each finger, karate chop point, 9 gamut point – continuing throgh all stages of the 9 gamut – and ending on the top of the head. 

I did that and then I brushed my teeth. 


No discomfort. No shock. No feeling. 

As simple as that. 

I’ve topped up the tapping a couple of times since and had no more trouble. Give it a go next time you have toothache or gum sensitivity (but always go for a dental check-up if you think there might be something needing attention). If it doesn’t work first time, keep going for a few more rounds, noting any changes in the way it feels. If there is still no improvement (and you’ve been checked over by the dentist) you need to start digging a bit more deeply into possible emotional causes you could tap on. (I will go into deeper issues in other posts and articles). 

EFT really is the perfect first line of defence against pain. You can find out more at www.ReadyforChangeNow.co.uk 

Picture courtesy of seaskylab