Ready for Change Now Launched

Jun 23


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Life begins at ……any age

Mar 29

I’m not ashamed to admit I hit sixty a couple of weeks ago but, even with the wisdom of my years, 12 months ago I couldn’t have predicted  just how different, new and exciting my life would be now. I seem to have stepped into my power. I found the courage to take a leap into the dark without a safety net. And life just couldn’t be better, richer...

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EFT inspiration with the masters

Nov 01

Manchester was magic! A truly inspiring event and the highlight of the EFT year. Tapas Fleming was pure joy and her TAT session created surprises, laughter and a sense of wonderment. During the conference, I had the privilege of taking part in demonstrations with both Gwyneth Moss and Tania Prince. With Gwyneth, I worked on surrogate tapping for my dog Bryan’s...

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Are you using your willpower to stay stuck?

Sep 05

One of my most life-changing moments came when it hit me, right between the eyes, how much of my energy I was using to stay in a job which was as wrong for me as I was for it. It took every ounce of strength and resolve I could dredge up to get myself out of bed every morning and off to work. Because I hated the job so much I felt I had to work doubly hard at it. I...

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Only 48 hours to go!

Sep 01

Don’t miss this last chance to join the Tapping Insider’s Club as a charter member, at a price that’s between 33% and 47% off the regular membership price (which kicks in within the next 48 hours). Join now and you’ll keep the advantage of your low priced membership for as long as you stay with the club. And, best of all, you’ll have...

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