Heather is a freelance writer, poet, EFT practitioner and Life Coach. She studied graphic design in the 60s and has a lifelong love of children’s art and literature. She has overcome clinical depression and believes that creativity in any form is the antidote to stress and the pressures of modern life. She adores her family, loves reading, writing, gardening, walking and the company of her pets. Her recipe for happiness is: keep a daily journal, record your dreams every morning, take your inner child on an adventure at least once a week, keep an open mind about everything and never, ever, take yourself too seriously.



In this video, Heather introduces herself and explains her personal approach to EFT and her specialist areas of expertise: confidence, self esteem and weight issues.


Edited transcript of video content


I’m Heather Carter and I’d like to talk to you about EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique. I’ve been practicing EFT since I was introduced to it at a workshop in 2005. I can’t tell you what a life-changing discovery it was: a simple tapping technique with the power to ease pain, anxiety, stress and worry.

 It’s so easy to do – even if it looks a little odd – that it’s hard to believe it can have such a powerful effect, but it does, and there IS some science behind it, which I won’t go into here. If you’re interested, you can find that on Gary Craig’s website, emofree.com. along with all Gary’s original EFT teachings.

 Most  practitioners – me included – develop their practice with a mix of other energy techniques – in my case, coaching and motivational approaches and NLP – and our use of EFT becomes personal and specialised because of the experience we gain along the way. Because of this, you’ll find that no two practitioners have quite the same approach and I do recommend that you do your research and find someone you feel comfortable with.

 EFT can help you even if you don’t reveal any details of your problems to the practitioner, but you need to feel confident that you CAN let go, either because you need to or because you just can’t help it. Distance doesn’t have to be a problem. Many practitioners, me included, will work over the telephone or via an internet connection like Skype or Google Talk, so even being on the other side of the world is no barrier to choosing the therapist you want.

I specialise in building confidence and self esteem as well as helping people with weight issues, mainly because these are the areas where I’ve benefitted the most from my use of EFT but, seriously, it’s worth trying it on everything.

 I give you the basic EFT recipe in the next video – which is enough to get you started on helping yourself – so I hope you’ll give it a try.

 See you in the next video.